Include Font Awesome in WordPress

font awesome in wordpress

Include Font Awesome in WordPress

Icons add a unique detail to your website, and can be used on your WordPress posts and pages to stand out. The best source of icons for your WordPress website is Font Awesome. Why Font Awesome? They are constantly adding new icons – as of this blog post, there over 600 icons to choose from! You can easily change the style of the icons by customizing them with CSS. This blog post will teach you how to include Font Awesome in WordPress, and how to customize these icons on your website.

How To Include Font Awesome in WordPress

Before you can begin using the icons, you first need to include Font Awesome in WordPress. Many WordPress themes already include Font Awesome, so you may be able to skip this step. To check if your theme already includes Font Awesome, search your theme for the font-awesome.min.css file. If you find this file in your theme, you can move on to the next step!

To include Font Awesome in WordPress, navigate to your theme’s functions.php file. Here is the code to include in your theme’s functions.php file:

I recommend you use a child theme to make changes to your WordPress site. If you add this code to the functions.php file of your parent theme, you will lose this change next time you update your parent theme. If you do not know how to make a WordPress child theme, check out our earlier blog post.

How To Use Font Awesome Icons

To include Font Awesome in WordPress posts and pages, click on an icon to get more information such as the heart icon. Here you will find the code to include the heart icon on your website:

Copy and paste this code in the “Text” tab of your WordPress posts and pages. By copying and pasting the code in this blog post, here is the result with some Font Awesome icons:

Font Awesome Options

Just like regular text on your WordPress site, you can make the same changes to Font Awesome icons with CSS. Here are some examples using CSS and showing the customized icons:

With so many icons and customization options, it’s a great idea to include Font Awesome in WordPress. What are some of your favorite icons? Include them in the comments section below!

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