Contact Form 7 Spam & How to Stop It

Contact Form 7 is an excellent, free plugin that allows you to easily build a contact form on your WordPress website. At Pix & Hue, we provide custom styling for the Contact Form 7 plugin in all of our themes and it can be see in all of our themes. As with any interactive feature of your WordPress website, the contact form is subject to spam. This blog post will cover how to stop Contact Form 7 spam, detailing two different approaches you can implement on your WordPress website. You are busy focused on your business and your brand, the last thing you need is more spam! By following the steps in the post, you can automatically stop spam from ever entering your inbox.

Contact Form 7 Spam Approach #1 – Honeypot

We use with the honeypot approach with the contact form on the Pix & Hue website. This approach is very effective and does not impact the aesthetics of the contact form or the user experience.

The honeypot approach relies on the premise that most spam is automated, and not manual. They honeypot approach adds a hidden field to your form, not visible to your website visitors. If the field is completed (such as by a spambot), the contact form will not submit.

We recommend the Contact Form 7 Honeypot plugin for a simple and free way to implement this approach on your website. Install and activate the plugin on your website. The plugin installation page provides a video with very clear instructions on how to add the hidden field to your form. Follow the steps in the video to modify your contact form and stop receiving Contact Form 7 spam immediately.

Contact Form 7 Spam Approach #2 – Google reCaptcha

While the first approach is very effective — an even more effective approach is to use Google reCAPTCHA, which adds a simple checkbox to your contact form. Google reCAPTCHA stops spam by having humans check the box, confirming they are not robots.

If would like to install Google reCAPTCHA on your website, you need to register your site with Google and get your API pair. To register, simply visit the Google reCaptcha page and click “My reCAPTCHA.”  Register your site, and get the site key and the secret key.

To integrate Google reCAPTCHA with Contact Form 7, go to Contact > Integration. Select “Configure Keys” and copy in the site key and secret key and save them.

Within your contact form, add the [recaptcha] placeholder just before the submit button to enable Google reCaptcha on your form. Refer to the plugin page for detailed instructions. Use either one of these two approaches to stop Contact Form 7 spam, and ensure only genuine leads ever reach your inbox.