Affiliate Terms


While most applications are accepted, Pix & Hue reserves the right to refuse or terminate any affiliate relationship with sites deemed to contain objectionable material.

Affiliates are awarded 20% of all purchases made by customers entering the Pix & Hue website through valid affiliate links within 2 months of clicking said link. The commission will be calculated at a rate of 20% of the sales price less any chargebacks, refunds, discounts, or credit card fees.

Any commissions earned on refunded purchases or successful chargeback attempts will be invalidated and deducted from the affiliate’s account or retained from future earnings as necessary. If there are no future earnings, Pix & Hue reserves the right to invoice the affiliate for the lost commission.

All accounts will be paid out in $USD via PayPal. Payouts will be made on the 1st of every month for the balance of commissions after a 1-month waiting period. For example, affiliates will be paid on March 1 for all affiliate commissions earned in January.

Affiliates are not allowed to earn referrals on purchases made through their own affiliate links.

Affiliates must adhere to the guidelines set out by the FTC. Please properly disclose any endorsements or affiliates you make in regards to Pix & Hue.

Pix & Hue reserves the right to withhold referral commissions or terminate the affiliate relationship at any time.


The affiliate is responsible for making reasonable efforts to sell Pix & Hue products with the affiliate links provided.

The affiliate is responsible for maintaining an active PayPal account that can accept payment.

The affiliate is responsible for ensuring that all contact and payment details are updated and maintained as necessary.

The affiliate recognizes and understands that if one of its sales is refunded or results in a successful chargeback, the affiliate will forfeit its commission.

The affiliate is responsible for ensuring that its links are set up correctly. Pix & Hue is not responsible for an affiliate’s failure to receive any commission due to the incorrect formatting or configuration of its affiliate links.

The affiliate is responsible for monitoring any and all commission account(s) for any discrepancies it feels has occurred and reporting any such discrepancy in a timely manner.


The affiliate cannot purchase from Pix & Hue using its own personal affiliate link. To clarify, you, as an affiliate, cannot register yourself as a referral.

There is a zero tolerance policy toward spam or any affiliate associated with spam. If, at Pix & Hue’s sole discretion, it is established that you are involved with spam in any way including creating, sending or distributing spam, you will be immediately terminated as an affiliate and you will forfeit any commissions owed to you.

Affiliates cannot establish a domain with the specific purpose of generating affiliate commissions, including domains that include the name Pix & Hue or any similar spelling.

Affiliates cannot use pay-to-click, click exchange, spam or other incentive-based methods. Affiliates cannot use cookie-stuffing techniques.

Affiliates cannot misrepresent Pix & Hue or any of its other products or services.

Affiliates cannot disparage Pix & Hue, the Pix & Hue website, or any Pix & Hue-affiliated products including, without limitation, any references to Pix & Hue using the words “scam,” “rip-off,” or any words with a similar or associated meaning in any advertisement or website copy. If you say negative things about Pix & Hue, this is grounds to terminate you from the affiliate program.

Affiliates cannot engage in any conduct that is likely to impair or cause damage to the operation of Pix & Hue or the Pix & Hue website whether by way of a virus, corrupted file or through use of any other software or program.